Test Engineering


You can learn to test equipment in the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory, or participate in building the Quarter-scale Tractor for the annual nationwide competition. Evaluation of machine or mechanical system functional performance is emphasized through study of test procedure standards, measurements, data acquisition, electronic communication, and statistics.

Recommended Classes:



Instrumentation & Controls

 Analysis and design of instrumentation and controls for agricultural and biological production, management and processing. Theory of basic sensors and transducers, analog and digital electrical control circuits, and the interfacing of computers with instruments and controls. Emphasis on signal analysis and interpretation for improving system performance.

light frame


Design of Light-Frame Structures

 Engineering design for strength, economy, function and safety of light-frame structures; emphasis on wood, concrete, and steel elements; design project required.

power systems


Power Systems Design

 Fundamentals of power systems for machines. Introduction to fluid power (hydraulics, pneumatics): pumps, motors, cylinders control devices and system design. Selection of electric motors as power sources, operating characteristics and circuits. Selection of internal combustion engines as power sources.



Animal Waste Management

 Characterization of wastes from animal production. Specification and design of collection, transport, storage, treatment, and land application systems. Air and water pollution, regulatory and management aspects.

site specific


Site Specific Crop Management

 Principles and concepts of site-specific management. Evaluation of geographic information systems for crop production practices. Practical experience with hardware and software necessary for successful application of information affecting crop management.



Equipment & Tractor Testing

 Principles and procedures involved in testing agricultural equipment and tractors. Actual test planned, scheduled, conducted and reported. Test may be based upon procedures used at the Nebraska Tractor Testing Laboratory or involve other equipment being used for research in the department.


After Graduation

After completing a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis in Test Engineering students will go on to work in animal facilities, geographic informations systems or in a greenhouse environment. Some other possible job focus areas include farm equipment control, processing and global positioning.