Machine Design Engineering


Look at all the ways machines have been designed to help us realize achievements unheard of 60 years ago. Become a part of the next wave in the industrial revolution by devising ways to increase machine power while making efficient use of the power systems you create. Use your engineering education to invent, design, or improve the machines used by agriculture, heavy construction, industry, and households. Develop equipment and processes to transport, handle and process farm products (such as grains, vegetables, fruits and animals) into food products for human and animal consumption. Put some power into your education with a focus on machine design.

Recommended Classes:

power systems


Power Systems Design

 Fundamentals of power systems for machines. Introduction to fluid power (hydraulics, pneumatics): pumps, motors, cylinders control devices and system design. Selection of electric motors as power sources, operating characteristics and circuits. Selection of internal combustion engines as power sources.

Animal Waste


Machine Design

Design of machine elements. Definition, analysis, and solution of a design problem in agricultural engineering.



Instrumentation & Controls

Analysis and design of instrumentation and controls for agricultural and biological production, management and processing. Theory of basic sensors and transducers, analog and digital electrical control circuits, and the interfacing of computers with instruments and controls. Emphasis on signal analysis and interpretation for improving system performance.



Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery

Analysis of the motions of linkage and cam mechanisms. Methods of design of linkage and cam mechanisms. Gear theory. Analysis and design of ordinary and planetary gear trains. Determination of static and dynamic forces in machines. Balancing of machines. Flywheel design. Dynamics of cam mechanisms. Vibration of machines.

linear algebra


Applied Linear Algebra

Fundamental concepts of linear algebra from the point of view of matrix manipulation with emphasis on concepts that are most important in applications. Includes solving systems of linear equations, vector spaces, inner products, determinants, eigenvalues, similarity of matrices, and Jordan Canonical Form.



Intro to Dynamics & Control of Engineering Systems

 Unified treatment of the dynamics and control of engineering systems. Emphasis on physical aspects, formulation of mathematical models, application of various mathematical methods, and interpretation of results in terms of the synthesis and analysis of real systems.


After Graduation

After completing a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering with an emphasis in Machine Design Engineering many students will go on to have fulfilling careers in a variety of directions. Some of these include working in fields related to precision agriculture, sensors, control systems and power and energy. Others will go on to design farm equipment or even improve tractor performance.